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Consumers don’t like Behavioural Targeting

Posted in Uncategorized by Pankaj Gudimella on March 31, 2008

From the Clickz Network

Almost three-quarters of people responding to a survey said they’re aware of behavioral targeting, though far fewer know it by that name.

The results were published in a report, “2008 Study: Consumer Attitudes About Behavioral Targeting,” that was independently conducted last month by TNS Global on behalf of consumer privacy organization TRUSTe. About 1,200 people participated.

Seventy-one percent of respondents said they are aware information about their online activity is being collected by third parties for advertising purposes. However, only 40 percent said they know the term “behavioral targeting,” says the study.

TNS Global found that 57 percent of the people surveyed said they are not comfortable with advertisers using their browsing history to serve ads even when they believe their names and other personal information is not being revealed. Fifty-four percent said they delete their cookies at least twice monthly.


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