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Online TV ads no longer afterthought

Posted in Online Marketing by Pankaj Gudimella on May 20, 2008

Conscious that millions of people are now watching TV shows online, marketers are likely for the first time this year to make digital-ad buys a key part of their “upfront” ad-purchase negotiations with TV networks, media buyers say. “The digital ads aren’t a throw-in after the main conversation is over. It’s now part of the main conversation,” says Alan Schanzer, managing partner at MEC Interaction North America, part of WPP Group’s media-buying and planning unit Mediaedge:cia. Major TV networks sell about 75% of their ad inventory for the coming fall season during the upfront. Digital ads historically haven’t made up a significant portion of these buys. But marketers say they increasingly are looking to purchase digital ads as part of a package with their standard TV commercials so that they can reach the audiences watching a show regardless of whether it is on TV or the Web. Web audiences have become sizable enough that they can’t be ignored.

Source:Wall Street Journal

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