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UK Consumers like Direct Marketing!

Posted in Direct Marketing, Experian by Pankaj Gudimella on April 7, 2008

Whisper the words ‘direct marketing’ to most people, and it is likely you will receive a barrage of abuse. But the latest research from the DMA UK claims consumers are much less opposed to direct techniques than they think they are.

The DMA’s Participation Media Report shows that only 22 per cent believe that direct mail had elicited a positive response from them in the past. However, when keeping a ‘direct communications diary’ as part of the research, the findings prove that direct mail actually elicited a positive response 44 per cent of the time.

DMA head of research Victoria Bytel was not shocked by these results. She says: “The gap between consumer perception and their actual behaviour certainly comes as no surprise. Previous research highlighting response rates, ROI and the value of direct marketing to the UK economy demonstrates its effectiveness.”

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